GL Capital
The Meaningful Way to Build Wealth through Passive Investing in High-Quality Real Estate.

GL Capital is a real estate private equity firm established in 2016, specializing in Real Estate Investment, Development, and Management. We focus on Multifamily, Student Housing, Mixed-use, and Retail properties in the Mid-Atlantic region. With an investor base from China, Singapore, United Kingdom, India, and Canada to all over the USA, we are thrilled to be able to generate long-term prosperity for people around the world.

The dedicated GL Capital team comprises people from diverse backgrounds, both in global representation and in areas of specialization. With experience in investment, finance, accounting, legal, construction management, business development, and human resources, we can leverage our unique perspectives and entrepreneurial drive to efficiently solve complex problems.

Besides excellence in real estate investment, social consciousness drives the creation and execution of transformative projects that improve neighborhoods and make a positive impact. In everything GL Capital oversees, we desire to build global connections, make sustainable investments and enhance our communities.

We initiate seamless global connection for long-term growth.

Our management team represents an exceptional group of talented individuals with a shared vision to achieve successful long-term growth. We have a track record in multifamily acquisition and asset management that proves our value proposition. Our team’s diverse skillsets and expertise are particularly geared to help investors from anywhere in the world gain access to and navigate real estate in the United States.

We believe building community is crucial to adding value.

We care about the neighborhoods we invest in, driving us to develop culturally relevant, historically respectful, and economically appropriate properties in each community. We develop educational, social and professional opportunities for our investment community to come together. Whether esteemed residents or hard-working business owners, we ensure our customer base of tenants is happy with the building’s state and with the GL Capital management team.

We take advantage of the latest sustainable innovation for long-term growth.

We strive to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. We utilize green financing to increase added-value energy efficiency, reduce expenses, and deliver a higher return on investment to our partners. To streamline technical and tenant management, we integrate property technology into our developments. For investors, our online portal allows immediate, transparent access to up-to-date information on their portfolios.

Add Value and Transform

Building Communities That Last

Reliable Stewardship

Tech-enabled Systems of Efficiency

Qualified and Caring Management

Add Value and Transform

We select properties with the most growth potential and take a multidimensional approach to add value through innovation, waste reduction, management efficiency, and transformation of property interiors and exteriors. Our open-minded approach allows us to identify distressed assets that need rehabilitation and promise faster and more significant equity buildup.

Building Communities That Last

We are connecting investors and communities in long-term relationships. We utilize technology advancements to build up and promote seamless communication. We respect the historical and culturally significant neighborhoods where we have a presence. With this mindset, we generate prosperity for investors and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve for multiple generations.

Reliable Stewardship

Our dedication to delivering passive income and enabling people to build wealth is guided by a strong sense of pride in our cra, integrity in our service, and responsibility to our investor base. Our commitments to plan, manage, and optimize investments stems from a foundation built on trust, honesty, and transparency.

Tech-enabled Systems of Efficiency

Our investment in sustainability extends beyond environmental implication, incorporating property technology, green financing, and smart design to grow efficiencies of tenant and building management systems. By combining efficiency-improving technology into our development, we add value to properties while reducing waste.

Qualified and Caring Management

Our management team consists of empathetic leaders with diverse backgrounds and international educations. We are unified by a deep understanding of markets and consumers. Aware of the social effects of our developments on society, we always pursue ways to use our expertise at the highest standards of conduct.

Team 1

Managing Partner & Chief Operations Officer

Andrew Hinton

Team 2

Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Jade Dai

Team 3

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Kelvin Fu

Team 4

Asset Manager

Silvia Sun

Team 5

Joanne Kind Finance Associate

Joanne Kind

Global Leaders Foundation (GLF) is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, formerly known as the World Youth Value Society, founded and run by passionate organizers. Its mission is to gather global citizens from around the world and help them become an impetus for change. Global Leaders Foundation strives to help people become leaders and active participants in community service. We believe that together we can make our world a better place through charity, education, and leadership.

We give leaders around the world a platform to grow into their potential.

The values we instill in growing leaders:

  • Developing a heightened awareness of society’s most pressing challenges
  • Building leadership skills and applying them to community-oriented activities
  • Discussing global issues in an empathetic setting and with diverse representation
  • Creating holistic solutions to issues through an interdisciplinary approach

Our model serves people in various life stages and plans for multi-generational impact:

  • ENLIGHTEN leaders to the power they hold in changing the world
  • Share with leaders the EXPERIENCE to establish their vision of the future
  • Give maturing leaders the foundation to REFLECT deeply on their path and plan
  • Provide the platform for full-fledged leaders to REALIZE the future today

The projects helping leaders grow together:

  • Education Services
    Global forums, events, and education services, both virtual and in-person
  • Leadership Development
    Real-world learning platform and network for investors, business owners, and student leaders
  • Charitable Contributions
    Serving the underprivileged through sponsored activities and fundraising contributions
Join leaders from around the world to make a difference.