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Other than the fact that a place to live and set up shop is always in demand, the track record and reputation of real estate investment speak for itself, particularly compared to alternative asset classes.


More stability

A solid real estate investment that is well-maintained offers a predictable cash flow from contractual rental income from tenants in high demand rental markets.


Higher dividends

Real estate dividends are substantial because 90 percent of its taxable income must be distributed to shareholders annually.


Portfolio diversification

Real estate investments minimize the overall risk of a portfolio because of their low correlation to other major asset classes.


Lower risk

  • Equity Build-up
    As we improve and restore properties, we add value to our investments by increasing that property’s worth. This means that when or if sold, the property will fetch a higher price that our initial investment. Ultimately, the building is better off, the community is better off and our shareholders are better off, receiving returns higher than what was invested.
  • Market Appreciation
    When we purchase a property, we are accepting its value within the market. However, we know that as the market changes for various reasons, such as inflation, increased demand, decreased supply, our asset increase in value over time. The general trend is that real estate values tend to rise over time.

Reimagining Revenue Enhancement

We target stable properties with low vacancy rates of diversified and quality tenants to ensure gradual and consistent rental income growth and establish new revenue sources. By investing in efficient and sustainable property management and development, we reduce turnover, improve quality of living, and increase the inherent value, upside, and longevity of buildings and their surrounding communities.

Adding Value with Operational Improvements

Through automation and tight budget control, we improve our properties' efficiency by eliminating workforce costs and wasteful practices. We attract and retain quality tenants with strong credit ratings through continuous tenant improvements and targeted marketing efforts.

Increasing Transparency and Accountability

We align the interests of sponsors and investors through incentive compensation schemes and responsible oversights methods, including real-time monitoring of property management metrics, control of property management accounts and the budgeting process, and quarterly property finance and cash flow distribution reports.

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